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Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty it is free at last!

September 4th, 1999

08:00 hrs we begin the descent from the second floor to the loading dock and eventually out to the street. Duration of extraction was roughly figured at 3 hours from descent to trailer loading. Elevator shaft descent was 5 minutes 30 seconds, seemed like four hours.

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Empty shop the night before

tn_ax03_jpg.jpg (2238 bytes)

Piles of parts ready to go

tn_ax04_jpg.jpg (2431 bytes)

Engine waiting for a home

tn_ax041_jpg.jpg (1996 bytes)

Poised for birth

tn_ax042_jpg.jpg (2613 bytes)

Pre-move inspirational speech and prayer

tn_ax05_jpg.jpg (2463 bytes)

Scott & Brenda view the pit

tn_ax06_jpg.jpg (2368 bytes)

Sure looks a LONG way down

tn_ax07_JPG.jpg (2595 bytes)

Paul, the mountain climber rigs the ropes

tn_ax072_jpg.jpg (2415 bytes)

Tod and Tom bring the tail to the brink

tn_ax073_jpg.jpg (2780 bytes)

2 Walts, 2 Rons view from 3rd floor

tn_ax08_jpg.jpg (2677 bytes)

Approaching the brink

tn_ax09_jpg.jpg (2839 bytes)

Todd assures the first floor is ready

tn_ax091_jpg.jpg (2191 bytes)

Tail suspended over 3 floors

tn_ax10_jpg.jpg (2335 bytes)

Tail almost in reach

tn_ax11_jpg.jpg (2267 bytes)

Tail breaches the door

tn_ax111_JPG.jpg (2703 bytes)

Final release down the shaft

tn_ax12_JPG.jpg (2812 bytes)

Over the edge

tn_ax121_jpg.jpg (2527 bytes)

Rolling down the wall

tn_ax13_jpg.jpg (2291 bytes)

Voila, the birth

tn_ax14_jpg.jpg (2651 bytes)

MEANWHILE...Hugh constructs ramp

tn_ax141_jpg.jpg (3060 bytes)

Ralph advises Hugh on ramp construction

tn_ax15_JPG.jpg (3098 bytes)

Finishing touches to ramp

tn_ax151_JPG.jpg (3007 bytes)

MEANWHILE...engine jockeyed into position

tn_ax16_JPG.jpg (2823 bytes)

Engine in place

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Charlie, Ron, Scott, Butch and Todd attaching side panels

tn_ax17_JPG.jpg (2975 bytes)

Scott and Todd adjust cowling...

tn_ax18_jpg.jpg (2644 bytes)

MEANWHILE...Derek and Matt supervise wing movement

tn_ax19_jpg.jpg (2714 bytes)

Down the ramp, Hugh holds on

tn_ax20_JPG.jpg (2923 bytes)

Scott and Tom catch the tail

tn_ax21_JPG.jpg (2898 bytes)

Scott and Tom guide it down the ramp while Butch watches and sweats

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Into the sunlight for the first time

tn_ax23_JPG.jpg (2303 bytes)

The baby breathes free

tn_ax24_JPG.jpg (2956 bytes)

Attaching Starboard wings

tn_ax25_JPG.jpg (2632 bytes)

MEANWHILE...Wayne and Polo attach prop

tn_ax26_jpg.jpg (2724 bytes)

Polo doing final torquing

tn_ax27_JPG.jpg (2979 bytes)

Port wing being attached

tn_ax28_jpg.jpg (2222 bytes)

Plane holding Butch up

tn_ax30_JPG.jpg (2754 bytes)

Scott takes a turn in the seat

tn_ax31_JPG.jpg (2595 bytes)

Hugh tries a fly

tn_ax32_JPG.jpg (3001 bytes)

Indicted co-conspirators share a moment

tn_ax27_JPG.jpg (2979 bytes)

One happy guy

tn_ax34_jpg.jpg (2178 bytes)

View from 3rd floor


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September 5th, 1999

We journey from Chicago Heights to Freeport, Illinois to deliver the plane for final tuning of the engine by the master, Rick Giles.

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Potty break

tn_rd02_jpg.jpg (2429 bytes)

Note classy prop protector

tn_rd03_jpg.jpg (3048 bytes)

Rick revving the engine

tn_rd04_jpg.jpg (3044 bytes)

Two generations of Nieuports

tn_rd05_jpg.jpg (2849 bytes)

A long awaited meeting

tn_rd06_jpg.jpg (3510 bytes)

Note, our "correct" wheels

tn_rd07_jpg.jpg (2562 bytes)

Clipped N12 takes a taxi

tn_rd08_jpg.jpg (1996 bytes)

Speeding around the first turn, the LS N12 is ahead

tn_rd09_jpg.jpg (2113 bytes)

Giles tries in vain to catch me

tn_rd10_jpg.jpg (2281 bytes)

Scott takes a taxi

tn_rd11_jpg.jpg (2643 bytes)

Note the smile

tn_rd12_jpg.jpg (2291 bytes)

Rick takes a turn


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