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Bunny Osgood and me (Pinkie Heep) in deep cover The Mole, doing his best flying
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(L to R) Heep, McTavish, August, Lawerence, O'Riely, and Bunny meet with King Fasiel Bunny, Scottie, and Woody take a break
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Another of Levesque "The Mole" taxi tests...hard cheese old man Scottie, me (Pinkie), and Bunny on another recon mission
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Central supply delivers new aircraft Jacques new landing technique...and pomegranate harvest
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Scottie McTavish, "The Ole Man", me (Pinkie Heep), and Bunny relaxing with our mascot Fritz
castor vermor
McTavish feeling the effects of castor oil as I (Heep) help him Levesque and Vendrine in more peaceful times
The Mole rebuts Vendrine's use of soap
Lost Squadron main headquarters, April 1915
Scottie and Bunny recover the Mole from the Arabs
The Mountie and I take a fly
Formal portrait: (seated) 1Lt. McTavish, Cmdr. Whetwissle, Capt. Vendrine, (standing) Capt. T.E. Heep
Pinkie Heep in 1914 Pinkie in Egypt
Bunny Osgood, Jacques Levesque and young Winston Havelock with Fritz II Young Winston, Levesque and Fritz III, Heep, and McTavish
Sometime late 1917, Levesque finally bathes
Vendrine, Havelock w/Fritz IV, Heep, McTavish, Levesque and Somerset lounge outside the mess hall
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Vendrine,Heep and McTavish in the company of visiting British school girls. Seen here before McTavish's unfortunate kilt accident(Heep's diary)
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Squardron's first two Nieuports.